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Benefits Rep Report June 2021
Posted On: Jun 176, 2021


DELTA DENTAL OF MICHIGAN – You and your dependents have a yearly maximum of $1,700 each.  Your social security number is your ID number

and your group number is #1166-7000.  It is your responsibility to make sure

you are going to a participating provider even if your dentist refers you to another dentist you have to make sure the dentist is participating.  You

can call 1-800-524-0149 or go on the website

If you are having a procedure done you can ask your dentist to do a Pre-

Determination.  This is where the dentist submits to Delta Dental of Michigan everything that needs to be done and then Delta sends a reply to the dentist and to you indicating any cost you may be responsible for. 

DAVIS VISION – You and your dependents are eligible for an eye exam every year and glasses or contact lenses every 2 years.  Your social security number is your ID number and your client code number is 3642.  Please make sure you are going to a Davis Vision provider.  You can call 1-888-234-5164 or go on the website  If you are purchasing glasses, ask the provider if they have a Davis Tower (the frames on this tower may save you some money).

Note:  Not every provider has a Davis Tower

HEARING AIDS – Contact TRUHEARING (1-844-394-5420) and they will get you scheduled for a hearing exam with a participating provider.  You and your dependents are eligible for a hearing exam and up to 2 mid-level digital hearing aids every 36 months no cost to you as long as you use a TRUHEARING provider.

CARDS -   Delta Dental of Michigan and Davis Vision do not issue cards.  You can call the numbers listed above and request a card or an alternative id.

Participating Provider – The provider has a contract with the carrier.  Some providers will tell you they take your insurance but you need to make sure they have a contract with the carrier.  This is why we encourage you to call or go on the website to find out for sure.

Please contact us immediately with any questions or concerns.




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